Company description

Welcome to Jeil Jersey
Jeil Jersey combines innovative technology & quality with service & research to deliver complete satisfaction

We spare no efforts to become a leader both domestic and international markets.

Effectual satisfaction is our motto and corporate existence purpose. To prove its sincerity, Jeil Jersey team works as a huge engine for expanding its synergy. Production into innovation; research into trend; and technology into green.

In 1993, Jeil Jersey established under authority of Cheil industries -subsidiary of Samsung Group. We produce more than 4000 kinds of knit fabrics for our huge distribution area, which covers both domestic and international markets.

Jeil Jersey knits functionally specialized fabrics from made-in-Korea quality yarns and also we co-operate international well-known yarn brands. Afterward we concatenate essential functions for each purpose on our product range.

All of our acquired experiences and trendsetter characteristics give us a trailblazer role in the competitive markets.

Ladies wear, golf wear, outdoor, underwear and so on. These are our intensively produced items, which are on the head of the list.

Jeil Jersey R&D Team performs constant fabric development and active market researching with its fashion trendsetter role for each season.

Thanks to Jeil Jersey Research and Development Team's great help for building strong inner relationship, it makes Sales Team to possible to have direct interest in buyers' demands. Thereby Sales Team can focus buyer's luxurious and high-quality major demands and also can response their needs for competitive price-demand elasticity.

Production Team's extraordinary efforts for luxurious materials -such as wool and wool blend fabrics- keeps Jeil Jersey name and Jeil Jersey reality on the very first place in domestic and international markets.

Jeil Jersey's knit fabric and garment factories make possible to provide one-stop service to our customers. And also our โ€œProject Planning & Designโ€ team fulfills all processes from yarn to finished garments at once. Yarn development, knitting, processing, and sewing processes' outstanding professionalism proves that Jeil Jersey is "a cut above" service provider in the market with its innovation and "Eco-techno Jersey".

Jeil Jersey's synergic active brains work with an exact mind; with the awareness that we are the companyโ€™s CEO. In the knowledge that โ€œeffectual satisfactionโ€ the most important value, as Jeil Jersey's active brains we are focusing on satisfaction. CRM, Six Sigma, Stress Management and leadership trainings are important directions to reach our motto.

Jeil Jersey also has its fabric-training school and English-Korean based language exchange club for its international active brains. We believe these activities and invests make our colleagues think global-act professional in the global markets.